Adult At-Home Activities to Help with Anxiety & Stress

well, I don't need to say what's going on - we all get it. And seems counterproductive to continue talking about something thats stressful in a post meant to help with anxiety & stress... SOOO


I recently began using a journal that I cannot recommend enough! It has allowed me to take 5 minutes in the morning, understand how I feel, why and just brain dump everything in my mind to just release it from my head and not feel like I have 100 thoughts going on in the back on my mind.

Seriously. Cannot recommend enough.

ACTIVITY TWO! Facials & taking EXTRA time to take care of myself

I always have a routine for my skin and I work very hard to follow it. And I noticed when we got locked inside - it stopped - I felt gross. I just didn't feel good. I started feeling down and just, meh.

So I really recommend creating and amping up a skin care / self care routine. From shower, brushing your teeth, whitening your teeth, face masks. The works. It's something that makes you feel good, and when you DO leave your house - damn girl ( or boy).

ACTIVITY THREE! Color. Paint. Just - ART!!

Am I biased? Yes. Do I care? Nope!

Because painting, coloring, drawing is SUCH An incredible way to relieve stress and anxiety. Let yourself put some nice music on, sit down and just be creative. I cannot explain how much this helps me feel more zen and happy with everything

For more tips and tricks check out my Podcast Spilt Milk coming out THIS WEEK all about how to deal with anxiety & stress with everything going on! Will be up by Sunday April 5th!!

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